#mentalhealthawareness -Part 2: Dealing-

As a continuation of my series on Mental Health Awareness (#mentalhealthawareness -Part 1-), I would like to discuss some factors that could lead to mental health problems based on my personal experiences. Alongside with these, I would like to share tips on how to deal with mental health issues. 1. "It's All In the Mind" … Continue reading #mentalhealthawareness -Part 2: Dealing-


#mentalhealthawareness -Part 1: My story-

This is for every one who experienced being depressed. This is for every one who are swimming in negative thoughts about themselves. This is for every one who chose to stay inside their house instead of facing the world because of the pain they are experiencing. This is for every one who wished there is … Continue reading #mentalhealthawareness -Part 1: My story-